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Our artworks consists of a painting and a piece of music. In the video excerpts below you can get a preview of the individual artworks. We have also written a bit about the creation of the artworks. The music will not be appear in its full length as it is part of the collective work of art that must be experienced in reality – by seeing the physical artwork and listening to the music at the same time. You can experience our artworks at our exhibitions and special events.

New World

Anna: The strong woman appearing in the creative process had to have her own voice in the music. Under the development of our artworks we don’t communicate much verbally, but when it was finished we discovered we both had had an idea of the woman rising after some sort of destruction.

Robert: I put the unfinished work aside to search for that specific thing I wanted to form out of abstract layers of paint. After a while the strong female figure appeared clearly in my imagination. The sound of the seagulls gives me the feeling she is heading for something new in the ruins of a big disaster.

Music 4:04 min – Oil and acrylic colour on canvas 50×40 cm

Where to Go From Here

Robert: When I heard the soundbite Anna uploaded, I clearly saw the image of a homeless figure walking through the city. When I wanted to transform the sketch I had made to the canvas, something totally different came out of my hands. After some days of inner struggle, I gave into the impulses telling me I should  take the painting in another direction.

Anna: Our creative process began with me composing a sketch – a small musical figure that I sent to Robert. Later on things took a completely different turn…

Music 2:26 min – Oil painting 100×95 cm

The Jump

Anna: In the first abstract sketch I got from Robert I saw what to me looked like a giant wing – what is now in the background – and I composed an atmospheric sketch with a little theme that I sent back.

Robert: The central figure emerged from repeatedly listening to the sketches Anna sent me. The theme gave me a sense of a physical being moving in a long swooshing glide through the air.

Music 1:47 min – Watercolour and wood dust 26×36 cm

Go Go Happy

Anna: To me a sort of dream world occurs in the artwork, inspiring the colours in the painting and the timbre in the music. A sense of self-imposed euphoria.

Robert: I formed the figures out of the abstract layers of paint. The man at the bottom left of the painting, was painted while I listened to one of the soundbites Anna uploaded.

Music 2:45 min – Watercolour 50×38 cm

The Insanity of an Infatuation (formerly known as Punk)

Robert: Big parts of this collage was made in Berlin. I think I unconsciously describe the rawness that exists in the city. At the same time I was inspired by old photos and film clips from the English and American punk scene in the mid 70’s and early 80’s. When I heard the music it gave me the feeling of a whole, which connected the figures in a reality containing a multitude of stories.

Anna: The darkness and the rawness in Robert’s collage inspired the music, which at the same time also came to contain and point towards a great fragility.

Music 2:56 min – Collage 75×50 cm

Above Everything that Once Was

Anna: The artwork developed into the idea of things seen from above, the earth seen from above  and with a gradually bigger distance and distortion.

Robert: When what one sees, is seen from a distance, and the distance between you and it is endless. When the seen is already something that has turned into something else, than what is being observed by the human eye.

Music 2:21 min – Watercolour and ash on wooden board 60×94 cm


Robert: The oil painting was originally a painting by my dad in the early 80’s. I can’t explain why, but at some point an impulse to continue working on it stirred in me. The music also gives me this feeling of time – something that is separated in its living physicality, but connected through the never ending stretch of time.

Anna: There is so much history, so much grandure and a lot at stake in this painting, so to begin with I had to choose smaller areas to focus on musically. Together the make up the finished composition.

Music 3:05 min – Oil painting 95×80 cm


Anna: The colours and the way Robert worked with structure gave me an idea of timbre and structure in the music – something going on and on. Later, after Robert heard my first sketch the red colours appeared.

Robert: My plan was to continue working on the painting. But when I heard the music it was as if it completed the unfinished motif.

Music 5:46 min – Oil painting 105×75 cm


Robert: Sometimes in a state of sadness, it is in the darkness I am able to put down the raw emotion of what I feel, into the lines I am drawing.

Anna: In the composition I worked with the idea of an inner conflict – something being withheld. What we see on the outside and what may be happing on the inside.

Music 2:14 – Drawing 18×16 cm

Dream Boy

Anna: In the composition I wanted to use the sound of the skateboard as a rhythmical structure. After that the music develops and seeks to get behind the surface to describe the boy’s fantasies and dreams.

Robert: When I hear the composition the boy always comes alive in a sequence of moments happening before and after that specific moment I have painted.

Music 1:57 – Watercolour 24×32 cm


Robert: I love how the music creates a humorous dimension to the seriousness that exists in the painting. At the same time the music also tells the story leading up to the moment, where the man is pointing a gun at the viewer.

Anna: During our development of the artwork I came to think about how the character had gotten into this situation and what might have happened beforehand.

Music 3:29 min – Oil painting 30×40 cm

White Space Conflict

Anna: To me there is a sort of infinity in her gaze that was wrapping itself in and out of the music I composed under the creation of the artwork.

Robert: I was once asked where the inspiration for the figure came from. The strange thing is that she kind of appeared by herself. Suddenly she was there – there in the empty space where she was the manifestation of an inner feeling.

Music: 5:54 min – Oil painting 30×40 cm


Robert: Yann was the first work we finished. I remember that I was positively surprised by the extra dimension the music brought to the collage.

Anna: The colours in the painting inspired the choice of instruments and timbres in the music, and out of the edgy forms in the painting the small rhythmical figure appeared.

Music 1:51 min – Collage 40×30 cm

Mere død end levende (More Dead than Alive)

Anna: When I got Robert’s sketches there was something about the strokes that I wanted to redraw and record the sound of. The man appearing got his own little melancholic impromptu and towards the end of the recording an ambulance passed by on the the street outside the studio, and the sound blended in with the notes from the piano.

Robert: I drew the figure by holding the ink pen by the tip of the shaft. With a loose wrist I used the ink pen as a brush. When I heard the composition, I felt Anna had captured the introvert and sensitive energy in the drawing.

Music 2:51 min – Watercolour and oil on paper 29×21 cm

Exit til en ny virkelighed (Exit to a New Reality)

Robert: We began the creative process while working in the same room. The song Anna was working on gave me the feeling of urban life.

Anna: I came by the studio and played the guitar while Robert began a new painting. Inspired by the figures that began appearing on the canvas I wrote small pieces of text and out of that a little song emerged.

Music 2:05 min – Watercolour 56×75 cm