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About audiovisualARtwork

audiovisualARtwork is a collaboration between composer Anna Rosenkilde and painter Robert Benson.

We are creating something we find unique and exciting – closely interwoven artworks that invite you to use your imagination and let the stationary painting and the fleeting music guide your own inner story and interpretation of the work.

Our works are created in a constant exchange of sketches of painting and music. Together we explore what occurs in the interplay between the two art forms. The individual artworks consist of a painting and a piece of music painted and written in close collaboration. The music inspires the brush strokes and the characters in the painting. The colours of the painting affect the choice of instruments and sounds, as well as the characters and the mood inspire the storytelling in the music.

The first time we explored the creative space between us, we worked in the same physical space. We had been playing with the idea of ​​how we could create an interaction between the musical and visual expression, and during the session we were inspired by each other’s creative unfolding. It turned out that something interesting happened in our artistic dialogue. We continued our work by each uploading audio bits and pictures of the stage we had reached in the development of the individual work. What arose in the music and in the paintings became the central focus of our creative dialogue. The energy of the music came to shape concrete figures and abstract layers of paint on the two-dimensional surface. The things appearing on the canvas became musical motifs and sounds.

Our first exhibition was in November 2016. We felt we were developing something interesting and were excited about how people would react to the interplay between the two art forms. At the exhibition the visitors could watch the paintings on the walls and either listen to the auditive part of the artwork in headphones or come to an evening where the music was played in the room, and there was a spot on the painting the music belonged to. Through people’s experience of the artworks, we discovered that we had found a new approach to the experience of painting and music. The duration of the music made people explore the individual painting for a longer time also exploring the details. The colours and shapes of the painting inspired many to make their own storytelling throughout the experience of the music.

Up to our second exhibition in November 2018, we developed the artworks over a longer period of time. Here we went more in depth with the common expression and how each of us could influence each other’s creativity. During the exhibition, it became clear to us that the artworks also created a much needed space of presence and immersion for many. It gave us food for thought and new ideas on how the works can exist in the world, both as works of art and as a mental breathing space with the possibility of presence, de-stressing and release of human creativity.

Currently we are working on new ideas for artworks and future exhibitions. We investigate how we can present our artworks in different contexts such as lecture evenings, workshops, exhibitions and special events.

Anna Rosenkilde

Anna Rosenkilde is a Danish composer, songwriter, film composer, singer and instrumentalist.

She has released two critically acclaimed solo albums “Under the Skin of a Skeleton Zebra” (2010) and “White Woods” (2012) and played more than hundred concerts with her original music in Denmark, Northern Europe, USA and Africa.

The last few years she has scored several short fiction, documentary and animation films including the feature documentary “Dreaming Murakami” (2017), which has travelled to film festivals all over the world. She studied at The National Danish Academy of Music and finished her master degree in Film Composition in 2018.

Her style of music is often atmospheric, simple layered, poetic and melodic, and combines acoustic elements with electronics.

Her other compositions include music for choir and music for a dance performance.


Robert Benson

My dad was a painter and my mother is educated seamstress. When I was little my dad painted at home. By daily seeing my dad working on his paintings and having access to his painting tools and paint, I got an innate understanding of painting as a form of expression from an early age.

The talent for painting and drawing is something that already showed itself in the earliest drawings I did as a little boy. It was an ability. I was capable of doing something where I through the physical mark I made with my hands, was able to express something that spoke to other people.

In the creative process I have fought a hard physical and psychological battle in an effort to find a healthy balance between my need for perfection and letting go. Allowing what comes out shape itself in it’s immediate form.

I have always had a clear instinctive feeling of the direction I wanted to follow with my creativity. But what I felt inside didn’t fit into the template society has made for how a human being is supposed to live its life. This meant that I in long periods of my life had to go my own way and live a life in places on the outskirts of society both in Denmark and abroad. To create time and space and to go into depth with what I needed to express on a daily basis.

The next step will be to transform what I have learnt through decades of working with the creative process to all aspects of my life. At the same time I feel it is important that I share the knowledge.